CHARFIX2 anatomical femoral nail is a next generation nail that is shaped in several planes to better match the femur anatomy. The nail can be inserted through the lateral insertion point.
This makes the implantation easier and results with less trauma to the patient.
The nail enables to fix femur applying static, dynamic, compression or reconstructive intramedullary osteosynthesis.
Instruments included in the instrument set give several options for opening and preparation of the intramedullary canal.
The bone tamping mechanism applied in the two-step drill enables a better stabilization while drilling in the femoral neck.
  • femur shaft fractures;
  • subtrochanteric and intratrochanteric fractures;
  • femur neck fracture;
  • pathological fractures;
  • pseudarthrosis;
  • malunion and non-union treated with other methods.